Flower of Life Soul Reading
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About Viktoria

As an Energy Healer and Soul Realignment Practitioner, Viktoria helps people discover who they are at the soul level.  This helps those who seek guidance to step into their spiritual power and create the life experience they want:  a life with abundance of health, vitality, relationship, financial, and more.
Growing up in a small town in Hungary, life was all about overcoming the communist terror people had suffered for decades.  While living under the oppression of communism, Viktoria felt the world to be an unpleasant place. As a young person, she experienced aggression and violence that left her in a defensive and vulnerable state. She was not happy, but she wanted to be. She could not accept that life could be so limited. She always believed there must be more to it. What was mostly missing for her during those years was freedom:  freedom to be herself, and freedom to live the life she wanted and deserved.
After living in Germany and England, she moved to Canada where she finally found a beautiful and spiritually enriching environment.  In Canada Viktoria was able to return to a sense of belonging and happiness she craved her whole life.  After a long and unhappy marriage, she now raises her three boys on her own.

Viktoria was set upon her journey to become a healer after an amazing awakening and a miraculous remission from an energy healing session that turned her towards spirituality.  She felt the weight of the emotional and mental pain she carried for so long be lifted from her, and it completely left her whole being. The Vital Force Energy she could now access healed her physically, mentally and emotionally, and she wants to help others do the same.
After overcoming all of the obstacles life put in her path, she now is an empowered soul with the mission to help integrate consciousness into the lives of others so she can help them heal the world.

About the Reading
Just like the ancient symbol, the Flower of Life holds the secrets of the universe.  The Akashic records hold all the information about your soul—its origination and its original and present time blueprints.  The Records also include all the memories and choices the soul had ever made throughout its many incarnations.

We must first be conscious about what is holding us back from living our Divinity and then we can work on them and release them.

By raising our own consciousness we are contributing to the betterment of the world.

Before the Reading:
I am very excited to work with you, and I want our time together to be the best it can.  Before working with me, think about the new circumstances you want to create in your life.  Also, please refrain from drug or alcohol use 24 hours prior to the reading.

What to Expect from the Reading:
I will access your Akashic Record to bring all of your information to you and explain what blockages and restrictions you may be experiencing in your present life.  I will introduce you to your soul stories.  These are your past life stories where you learn how these blocks and their patterns were created and in what way are you experiencing them now.  We will also discuss karmic patterns and when they are positive and negative in your current life. You will learn where you are draining your energy, that special Vital Force Energy, that is equally available to us through our Divine Blueprint.
As part of my work, I clear from your Akashic record the old patterns, blocks and all the restrictions that your soul is ready to release so that you feel vibrant and with the new vital force energy that is available to you can start a new chapter in your life as an empowered soul.
After the reading, I will guide you through your homework and work with you to create the life experience you want and deserve.  You will find this is easier when knowing your Divine Gifts and Purpose.