Flower of Life Soul Reading
your gateway to living in balance         
- unfold the mystery of the Akashic record

- discover who you are at Soul-level

- learn about your Divine Gifts and   Purpose
- find out your way to Happiness and Infinite Abundance
- find out your way to Health and Vitality

- improve your Parenting Skills through a reading for your Children
- create the Life you want

  1. Have you spent countless hours and dollars reading and studying spirituality through courses and books?
  2. Do you want to improve your relationships? Could you guide your children better in life if you knew them at the soul-level?
  3. Have you experienced an awakening, yet you continue to feel stuck, not knowing how to implement that higher consciousness into your every day life?

About the Akashic-record Reading and Clearing

Flower of Life Soul Reading provides awareness on how to step into your spiritual power. The reading identifies what is holding you back from creating the life experience you want.

Since the great shift due to the global Ascension on Earth, the shift in consciousness has left many spiritual seekers in a state where they feel unable to move forward on their spiritual journey.  This may include dealing with issues such as serious long-time health conditions, unhappiness and financial problems.

Flower of Life Soul Reading can help you to integrate your shift of consciousness into your life and recognise the right path to take.

The Akashic Records hold information about your soul and what karmic patterns are holding you back from fully  accessing your Vital Force Energy. This Energy is what we use to create everything in our lives. Through the Flower of Life reading, I will access your own  Akashic Record to provide you with insight and information to live your highest purpose.

About the Soul Manifesting Blueprint Reading


The future in the Akashic-records is represented by available vibrational states that through free will we can choose to become.
But what if  you could find out which one can take you to the future of your choice?
Would you also like to know how long could it take you to get there?

                                    The Manifesting Blueprint, this 7th-dimensional aspect of your Divine Soul Blueprint, provides information on how you are specifically designed to experience your Divinity.
In other words, while the Akashic-record Reading and Clearing identifies your gifts and purpose, the Manifesting Blueprint Reading lays down the plan to manifest your desired future outcome.
 It helps you to experience and express your Divinity which means that you can find out what actions can bring you to your desired life experience and what are the ones that can push you away from it.

The reading does not predict the future.

With the Manifesting Blueprint Reading, I would like to invite you to the next level of consciousness where you can further expand and manifest like never. Thus, as an empowered soul with determination and strong will, you can become the powerful creator of your desired future.

After all, “we are the powerful creator of our own desire”.
                                                                            Andrrea Hess

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